Bourbon Blands List

T.J. Pottinger Sugar*Shine─named for Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Pottinger, Limestone Branch Distillery
T.W. Samuels─Deatsville
T.W. Samuels─NAS, BIB, Bardstown, HH
Taos Lightning─KGB Spirits
Tarnished Truth
Tatoosh─Bourbon NAS 80p, Rye NAS 86p, Whiskey NAS 80p, Tatoosh Distillery
Team Spirits Bourbon
Temperance Trader American Whiskey and some bourbon─Bull Run Distilling
Templeton Rye─Small Batch NAS 80p, Templeton Rye Spirits LLC.
Temptation Bourbon─Bardstown Barrel Selections
Ten Gallon Hat─ND, JB, HH, JP only
Ten High Bourbon and Bourbon Blend
Ten High Ten
Texas Crown Club
Texas Spirit─Founders Company
Thomas H. Handy Rye─BTAC
Three Chord Bourbon
Tim Smith Southern Reserve Wood-Fired Whiskey(Bourbon/Rye)
Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine
Tin Cup Whiskey─NAS 88p, Proximo Spirits
Tom Moore─NAS 80p, BIB(Local area)
Tom Sims
Town Branch─Bourbon NAS 80p, Rye NAS 100p, Alltech
Trader Joe's Bourbon
Trail's End─Finished with Oregon Oak, Hood River Distillers Inc.
Traverse City Whiskey Co.─Straight Bourbon Whiskey 4y 86p, Traverse City Whiskey Co.
Trey Herring's Bourbon
Troubadour Bourbon─The Original Texas Legend Distillery
Truce Bourbon
Trybox New Make
Two Bitch Bourbon─Two Bitch Spirits Ltd.
Two Stars
TX Blended Whiskey─Firestone & Robertson

Uncle Nearest 1856 Whiskey─distilled in Tennessee, previously bottled by Distilled Spirits Epicenter
Undo's U.53 Bourbon
Untitled No. 1 Whiskey─One Eight Distilling
Uprising American Single Malt Whiskey─NAS 80p, Sons of Liberty

V Bourbon Whiskey─NAS 90p, Yahara Bay Distillers
Valinch & Mallet Tullahoma Bourbon
Van Winkle Family Reserve─Rye 13y 95.6p
Van Winkle Special Reserve─Lot "B" 12y 90.4p
Very Old Barton─NAS 80p, 
Very Old Colonel Lee─6y, 8y
Very Old Fitzgerald
Very Olde St. Nick (JP export)─12y 90p, 12y Barrel Proof 118.3p, 12y Barrel Proof 114.3p, 15y 107p, 15y Barrel Proof 118.7p, 15y Barrel Proof 114.8p, 17y 94p, 17y Cask Strength 116.2p, 17y Cask Strength 119.6p, 17y Barrel Proof 118.7p, bottled by JVW; 12y 90p, 12y Barrel Proof 114.3p, 15y 107p, 15y Barrel Proof 114.8p, 17y 94p, 17y Cask Strength 116p, 18y 94p, 18y 115.4p, 19y 94p, 19y Cask Strength 115.7p, 20y 94p, 20y 116.4p, 22y 81.2p, 23y 81.2p, 24y 81.2p, 25y 86.1p, bottled by KBD
Very Olde St. Nick (domestic bottlings)
Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask─No number 90p, 12 90p, 15 107p, not age statement
(Very) Very Olde St. Nick Christmas Dream 1989─80p
Very Olde St. Nick Summer Rye─NAS 80p, NAS 86p, NAS 98p, 9y ?p, KBD
Very Olde St. Nick Winter Rye─NAS 101p, KBD
Very Special Old Fitzgerald 12 Years Old─UD, HH
Very Very Old Fitzgerald─12y, 15y, 18y
Very Xtra Old Fitzgerald (10 year)
Vintage Bourbon and Rye
Virgil Kaine Bourbon & Rye
Virgin Bourbon─Black Label 7y, Green Label 10y, Gold Label 15y, Silver Label 21y
Virginia Black American Whiskey─80p, Proximo Spirits
Virginia Gentleman─NAS 80p, A. Smith Bowman